Tracking The Ups And Downs Of Sony's E3 Press Conference

And so Bitmob's analysis of online reaction to the big three E3 keynotes draws to a close, with a look at how a select group of people felt about Sony's big announcements.

To recap: Bitmob writer Andrew Hiscock sat down in hardcore gaming board NeoGAF last week and followed the user's reactions to the big E3 press conference announcements. Every positive or negative comment was noted, and the relative buzz then collated and placed into this snazzy graph.

You can read the Nintendo and Microsoft ones here and here.

The Sony one is interesting because the company's biggest reveal - its motion controller - drew the most scorn, while Final Fantasy XIV seemed to excite the crap out of people (at least, it did until they found out it was an MMO).

Click below to see the results in full.

Hardcore Gamers' Reaction to Sony's E3 Conference: An Empirical Study Concludes [Bitmob]


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