Tracking The Ups & Downs Of Nintendo's E3 Press Conference

Nintendo had some ups, and downs, during their E3 2009 press conference. So Bitmob's Andrew Hiscock decided to do a little rough science and note just when, and how high/low they were when they occurred.

Taking hardcore gaming forum NeoGAF as his subject matter, Hiscock tracked the comments on the site's Nintendo presser thread, and catalogued how many of them were positive or negative. And after cataloguing them, he put them on this graph here, to give us an idea how a bunch of people who take their games very seriously felt about the whole thing.

While it's only a single forum (a Nintendo site's forum would probably look a lot different), it's still interesting reading. Especially when you consider that the Wii Vitality Sensor, which has been designed to measure this very thing, drew the most negativity.

Hardcore Gamers' Reaction to Nintendo's E3 Conference: An Empirical Study [Bitmob]


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