Trouble In The Brutal Legend Cast?

Last night, Brutal Legend creator Tim Schafer hopped on a plane to fly across the sea, all to meet with "someone who's threatening to cancel". Who could it be?

As you recall from earlier this week, Tim Curry has replaced Ronnie James Dio as Doviculus, the Brutal Legend's main antagonist, but Tim Schafer assured Kotaku that all was well. Seems like that might not be the case, according to a tweet from Schafer, indicating he was speeding across the ocean to try and stem a potential cancellation. Could Curry be getting cold feet, or is someone else's voice on the line? All we know is that Schafer is going to an awful lot of trouble.

K, I'm getting on this plane and flying to the UK for one day to meet with someone who's threatening to cancel. Humanity, don't let me down!

You heard the man, humanity! We can't let him down in his hour of need! Let's spray down the Statue of Liberty with ectoplasm, throw on some Jackie Wilson music, and show him what we're made of!

Sorry, wrong game.

Tim Schafer's Twitter [Twitter via Gamervision]


    sounds like conclusions are being jumped to:

      Oh lordy I LOL'd.

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