Try Getting This Devil May Cry Sword Through Customs

The delightfully-named United Cutlery make things with blades on them. Some are practical for use around the home, others are practical for use only with effeminate half-dressed demon fighters.

Like this replica of "Red Queen", from Devil May Cry 4. It's 42 inches long, and has real steel, and real leather. Crazy. It'll only be available through Capcom as a Comic-Con exclusive, and should be a limited run, so get on it.

If, that is, giant video game swords are your thing. If not, admire the craftsmanship then keep on movin'.

United Cutlery forges Devil May Cry 4's Red Queen! Plus details on early auction [Capcom]


    Looks nice until you get to the ugly, cheap-looking paint splotches in the blackened area, and the glaring seam in the hilt.

      Definitely agree with you but that probably wouldn't stop me from trying to get my hands on it.

    From a store based in Melbourne:

    wow i want that sword
    how much is capcom auctioning it for?

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