Ubisoft CEO Expects $60 Million Game Budgets Next Gen

If Yves Guillemot, chairman and CEO of publisher Ubisoft, is correct, the next generation of video game consoles won't just look visually on par with current CGI movies, they'll be outrageously expensive to make—more than double current budgets.

Guillemot, according to a report from CNBC, estimates video game budgets will "average $US60 million to make" next gen, when Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo issue successors to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.

The Ubisoft head honcho says that Ubisoft's plan to help defray some of those costs would be to reuse computer generated assets from Hollywood features, something the company says it's doing with James Cameron's Avatar.

The prospect of $US60 million game budgets sounds suspect, given the game buying public's acceptance of the Wii's generational half-step in terms of visual computing power. I'm not running Ubisoft obviously, but wouldn't be surprised to see Microsoft and Sony (and Nintendo) make similarly shorter next gen leaps with their hardware.

The Next Generation of Gaming Consoles [CNBC]


    Oh I hope there is no half leaps. Consoles need to kick ass, so PC gamers can drool and then go spend 2 grand to match it. Match it for 2 years until 1st party games come out, then spend another 2 grand to match. Then MANY years later spend another 2 grand after the next GT comes out and still wish they could get the title :)

      Dude, you overestimate the cost of upgrading PC's these days. Computer parts are so cheap, you can easily buy a *New* computer for $800 aus dollars that will easily match or surpass the consoles.

      So compared to just upgrading your machine it is relatively cheap depending on whether you chosed a good motherboard that's based on upgrading in the future, you can upgrade parts for probably only 200 bucks...

    publishers are already complaining about not enough profits etc. If they double the budget for production, does that mean double the cost of games? games cost too much now. Raise the cost of games = more pirates or worse, less gamers = less profit. Publishers will of course spend more money on painful anticopying methods = more pissed off customers = happier and more pirates = less profit.

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