Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Demo Is Now Live

Hope you're one of the 150 people who scored codes to enter the multiplayer beta test for Uncharted 2. It's live as we speak and people are already downloading it.

No word on if the beta test is only for the online competitive modes, or if it will include the co-op multiplayer as well. It all sounds good, though, so here's hoping you've got enough space on your hard drive.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves features multiplayer environments directly from the game as well as custom maps that users can edit as they please. Competitive multiplayer allows for up to 10 players in heroes-versus-villains matches and there's a five on five Deathmatch mode, plus the spiffy-sounding Plunder mode. Co-op multiplayer has three players work together to accomplish various goals and kill various enemies. There's a combo system and a weapons upgrading system that also come into play presumably to encourage teamwork for better bonuses.

Check out our preview and get to the downloading, if you haven't already.

Thanks to all the tipsters who called this one in!


    whats the size of the dl for this?

    It's about 1300MB. Playing it now, it's great! Haven't seen any sign of the multiplayer co-op, just deathmatch and plunder modes, but I haven't had time to explore it fully.

    1282MB, which surprised me, I was expecting a much larger filesize.

    Just FYI, a Naughty Dog naughty dog posted on the PS Blog detailing the MP beta: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2009/06/01/uncharted-2-among-thieves-multiplayer-beta-starts-june-3/

    Both competitive (2 maps, both supporting DM and Plunder) and co-op (1 map) are available.

    so, is this only available for those with the beta keys? or is it a freely available download?

    or better yet, are the beta keys freely available?

    I was wrong, co op is in the beta.

    A competition was held on this very sight, 150 beta keys were handed out. Not sure how you could get your hands on some more keys, but it is a closed beta, so you need to obtain a key to play.

    @Adam: Once you select your party, hit X on the Competitive Mode Icon (Picture of Drake) and then hit Right, it'll switch across to Co-op!

    Very fun so far!

    UC2 multi-player is great fun. The death match is death match, but the co-op is where it's at. Incredible fun and a small story to go along with it. co-op feels like there is a purpose to playing unlike the death match.

    So are any other AU players struggling to get into games? Playing last night, often the game search screen just seemed to sit there doing nothing.

    Is it just me?

    I won a beta key and got the email last weekend. How do I go about downloading the beta? Am I supposed to get a link sent to my via my PSN account? Or do I go to the Playstation Store? Help!

    How do you give feedback if you have an Aussie PSN code? I tried accessing the website specified inside the Beta.. but couldn't login with the code i have

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