Uncharted Movie Incoming

Everyone's favourite guy in a blue jeans, Nathan Drake, is the latest video game looking set for a big screen version.

Columbia Pictures is working on a movie adaptation of the million-selling-game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. The flick is being penned by Kyle Ward, who is writing the film version of Kane & Lynch starring Bruce Willis and who has been hired to scribe Hitman 2 for 20th Century Fox.

The Uncharted movie is being produced by Avi Arad, Charles Roven, Ari Arad and Alex Gartner. No word on who is in talks to helm or star in the picture.

'Drake's Fortune' set for big screen [Hollywood Reporter via Shacknews]


    Funny, I figured an Uncharted script would be more of a Joss Whedon affair.

      You seem to be assuming Hollywood would try to find someone who would do a good job, rather than just the first hack that'll do it on the cheap...

    Nathan Fillion as Nate thanks!

    matthew mcconaughey as drake that is all

    I could do the roll.
    If I hit the weights, could grow a five o'clock shade, and had a full acting career...

    Other than that I look the part.

    Yeah, it has to be Nathan Fillion.

    Unless somebody can go back in time 15 years or so and get a younger Bruce Campbell. Klaatu Verada Niktu!

    Why make a film of a game that was practically a summer movie anyway?

    Joe Flanigan

    I've only recently bought Uncharted but when I first played it I thought Drake was a dead ringer of Joe Flanigan (of Stargate Atlantis fame)

    Nathan Fillion as nathan drake with Joss Whedon directing = win of epic proportions

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