Users Report EA's Fight Night Round 4 Freezing Up At...

Xbox 360 owners are venting on the official EA forums (and our tips line) that EA Sports' Fight Night Round 4 is locking up and crashing at the game's loading screen. A fix (of sorts) is seeing some success.

While those reports are vocal, they appear to be somewhat limited, possibly related to custom soundtrack files or Fight Night Round 4 demo files on Xbox 360 owner's hard drives.

Rare Freeze Issue [EA Support Forums]


    Oh no! Not the precious X360 version? When will the injustice stop!!! haha - take that XBOX, thats what you get for having slightly sharper textures on the audience members faces that you cant see anyway!

    No doubt the PS3 version probably doesnt even load up after the required 400Gb install!

    fight night rd4 improves in every area over the last game but doesnt give you the option to change to a button contoller scheme, for better or worse. still a must have for fans or 1st timers: 9 out of 10
    never experienced any freezing the game is pretty polished.

    I think this game is hot

    I couldn't play the demo because of this problem

    Played the demo and wasn't too impressed. I was immediately put off by the character models, the boxers look like caricatures! While the graphics are crisper and more detailed than Rnd 3, it looks less realistic and cartoony to me. I probably won't purchase this title if you can't fix the button scheme, a must have option for lefties.

    The game does sport some great features, the ability to superimpose your face and bring in your own entrance music.

    However, being a huge boxing enthusiast every boxing game kind of disappoints me in that the developer doesn't really understand the sport. I would like to see a career mode that has a more extensive amateur feature. Earning real-life trainers and promoters along with fan interest depending on fighting style. For example, you have a low KO% you get dropped by American TV, promoter, etc., and end up fighting in Europe hoping for a huge payday. Maybe even the ability to retire and promote or train. Somehow promoters can get a stable of boxers together online and duke it out with other promoters, a la contender, and win some sort of prestige or Live points.

    Fight Night Round 4 caused my console to RROD. issues started with freezing which lead to the RROD. I have had my console since january 2007 with no issues until I played FNR4

    ah this game keep freezing here neither

    that really sucks, i`m stopping playing this until EA solved this problem, i don`t wanna play FNR4 and get 3RL

    twice now ive got to nearly the end and it freezes on a date and wont almost champ and now have to start it a game problem or ps3?

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