Venetica: E3 Pretty I Didn't See

I was really excited to finally see DTP Entertainment's Venetica in action at this E3, but they didn't show it to me, so here's some screenshots.

It's probably my biggest disappointment of this E3. I've been following Venetica since the game was first announced. It's an action role-playing game starring the daughter of death, Scarlett, who must do battle with evil forces in order to defeat an evil necromancer and save her father. It's in development for the Xbox 360 and PC by German developer Deck 13, with a release expected sometime this year. I rushed over to DTP this morning, giddy with excitement, but despite extending my meeting from a half hour to an hour, I only got to see Divinity II: Ego Draconis, which was nice, but no Venetica.

I did manage to grab some pretty screenshots, but I can't look at them. They just depress me more. You folks look for me.


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