Watch Bayonetta Kick Out Megaton Combos For Five Minutes

PlatinumGames' Bayonetta should give you ample combo perfecting practice, as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 action game lets players kick, punch and shoot during loading screens. Here's an extended look at that feature.

Anyone suspicious of the breadth and depth of Bayonetta's combo system should give the video a peek, as it shows how the eponymous witch dual- and quad-wields guns, rocket launchers, whips, swords and more. There are some spectacular looking moves in here, definitely worth watching if you have a passing interest in the game.

Just a warning though, she does strip down to just a few strands of hair now and then, should you find naked video game characters offensive to your beliefs.

Oh, and I'll admit the video only runs about 4 minutes and 45 seconds. But if you don't rewind for at least 15 seconds worth of "Wait, what did she just do?" I'll refund you those 15 seconds by mail. And I'll even pay for shipping!


    Sorry to break it to you Michael, but I played Bayonetta last week at a vendors show, and it was truly awful.

    Looked terrible, messy UI, hopeless gimmick (torture/climaxes), and like Tomb Raider before it; it is hanging it's hat on a semi-naked chick to sell it.

      Sorry to break it to you elfinke, but I played it at E3 and you are hopelessly wrong!


        What impressed you so? I thought it was a hopeless DMC wannabe, but without Dante/Nero's awesomeness. I'm interested to hear your thoughts in greater detail!

        When I saw it, it was setup at SEGA's booth, and they couldn't tell me what resolution they had it running at, nor could they tell me anything exciting about the game itself. Regardless, the GFX were rubbish, and aside from her impecible ass, I just couldn't care for it.

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