What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

My first weekend back in Sydney after E3, I’m so looking forward to just kicking back and playing a whole bunch of games.

I’ll be starting the PS3 version of Ghostbusters today, although I’m secretly wishing I didn’t have to wait so long for the Wii version. This is a game where the Wiimote and Nunchuk just seem to make more sense.

I’ll also be checking out the Wiimake of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. However, in this case, I’m not convinced the Wii controls are a good substitute for the tactile sensation of the Cube original’s bongo drum accessory. We’ll see.

Then there’s some more Red Faction: Guerrilla on 360, in both single and multiplayer. My farm in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite needs some attention, too, while I’m looking forward to finally being able to visit Dementium: The Ward on DS and explore a psychiatric hospital gone very wrong.

That should keep me busy. How about you?


  • Trying to play Noby Noby boy, just downloaded it, but what’s with a patch that is nearly double what the game download was, and why don’t they roll them into one rather than have them separate. Prototype when the stupid patch is done, its a well good game.

  • Still plowing my way through infamous and having a blast with it. Might throw in some Uncharted 2 aswell =)

  • I’m going to try and finish InFAMOUS this weekend as a hero and stamina willing get in to playing through again as evil on hard. I can’t wait to start frying things indiscriminately.

    I’ll be trying to fit in some Uncharted 2 beta, WoW toon levelling and hopefully get in some Prototype.

  • Prototype. I’m hoping to blast through most/all of it and then return it- it felt like a keeper last night but this afternoon I’m not so sure.

  • I’ve been playing Infamous for the last couple of hours, a couple of hours of Red Faction this morning. Both heaps of fun.

  • Burnout Paradise – Already 100% the Island License, but it’s just fun driving around… still need 90 Freeburn Challenges…

    inFamous – Hard run as Evil… about 20% through…

    Prototype & Red Faction – Both of them I’ve only just scratched the surface, only a couple of missions in…

    Uncharted 2 Beta – Loving it…

  • Uncharted 2 Beta, plus trying to finish my first run of inFamous. I want to try out the evil powers!

  • As I live my gaming life in the past I finally bought Far Cry 2 on sale and it is keeping me well occupied (other than having to go into work on the weekend! BAH!).

  • Garry’s Mod has seen a lot of attention from me this weekend. Might have something to do with all that maths exam revision for uni. Or the fact that posing the GMan NEVER gets old.

    Disgaea DS is getting a lot of playtime too and I’m hoping to get my hands on Lock’s Quest and the new RPG style Super Robot Taisen.

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