What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Illness struck me down towards the end of the week. So what better way to soothe a sick soul than to spend Saturday tucked up in bed and playing games?

And if I'm going to be gaming all day - and probably all weekend - I want something that I'm not going to finish too quickly.

An RPG should do the trick. Something like Tales of Vesperia perhaps?

Just look at that delicate screenshot above... I'm feeling soothed already.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I'm getting my Star Ocean on.. goddamn JRPGS are a massive time sink. I was in one dungeon last night for at least 3 hours :/

    I just bought an HD TV so I'll be playing a lot... but particularly Red Faction Guerilla, Prototype and Bionic Commando.

    Ico a classic soother

    Big dub had a reduced copy of Twilight princess (Wii) that I picked up the other day. Never got round to buying it earlier and have now played maybe 12 hours and loving it. Might just crack out the old 64 and give Ganondorf a flogging there too.
    Also Mars needs liberatin' so that is on tonight im guessing.

    I also will be venturing in the JRPG genre with Star Ocean: TLH. The above screen shot looks amazing. I think that will be my next purchase.

    Though Tales of Vesperia isnt supposed to be out till next week (25/06)?

      You're right, it's out on June 25. However, I have an early review disc.

        @David Wildgoose - you bastard :P

    star ocean: last hope, again.

    is you think takes of vesperia is pretty, play SO. the detail is just too nice.

    unfortunately, i have to study for 8 hours before i wrap my hands around my controller.

    Playing that new Magic the Gathering xbox live arcade game.

    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune!
    Can't believe I passed this gem up on release.
    Its Gold.....or should i say platinum.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance. When I read an article about the sequel coming out, I realised I'd completely missed the original, so grabbed it off ebay for like 10 bucks from the USA. Good fun, even if it's totally last-gen (clumsy menus, save system etc). Hope the sequel is a lot more improved. My team is Deadpool, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Captain America (there 'cause I didn't know who else to pick really. I want The Punisher!).

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : My Life as a King

    its a mouthful, but an addictive mouthful!


    Just finished Eternal Sonata yesterday so i'm in the market for a new game!

    I'll be TRYING to find some online matches for Bionic Commando (HAH!) and when that fails probably cruise around Manhattan with Alex Mercer.

    After a bit of a spree last week 'll be getting stuck into Star Ocean: Last Hope, Red Faction, some Prototype and a bit of inFamous. (Phew!)

    So awesome that its pissing down outside, a perfect weekend for gaming!

    Also looking forward to Vesperia this week :)

      I second that. This weather is perfect for massive sessions on the couch.

    Probably nothing. Unless flash games count.

    I'm burnt out on all my current games and can't afford to get any newies. Haven't turned my box on for three days now.

    Probably wont be gaming until next wednesday when I finish my last exam, I already have roughly 10 games sitting on my desk. Might pick up Star Ocean: Last Hope and Tales of Vesperia aswell, seeing as I've always been a fan of the JRPG genre

    I'm playing the game where I try and motivate myself to do some revision for exams. I might sprinkle some Dwarf Fortress in there when I have time. Great game, reminds me of when video games where hard and confusing, in a good way.

    Punch-out!! Wii (hooray for imports, boo for nintendo treating this country like a backwater) and Icarian: Kindred spirits on WiiWare, which i've found hard to put down.

    I'm having a parkour weekend - Prototype and Mirror's Edge.

    My copy of Demon's Souls arrived yesterday so I'll be playing that all weekend

      Oh! Been thinking about importing this myself. Where'd you get it from?

        I ended up buying it from an eBay store. It's called 'togetherplaystore'. They're based in Hong Kong, but a lot of their games (including Demon's Souls) have free postage to Australia. So it only cost me $79 for the game.

    Vesperia for the win, i've seriously been waiting for 6 months for this game - i loved symphonia, so a game that's billed as 'almost the same, just somewhat improved'? hecks yeah! i'll be spending my weekend very happily i believe :D

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