What Did You Think Of The Uncharted 2 Beta?

What Did You Think Of The Uncharted 2 Beta?
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The multiplayer beta for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has just wrapped up. Did you play it?

We’re especially keen to hear from the 150 Kotaku AU readers who won the opportunity to sample the new multiplayer mode in Naughty Dog’s PS3 actioner.

What did you think?

Is the multiplayer a good addition to the series?

How does it compare to other third-person shooters?

Does it feel distinctly Uncharted?

Has it made you more or less interested in picking up the final game later this year?


  • Single player Uncharted will always be king for me. MP cannot deliver a similar experience (nor should it, it would probably be boring).
    The coop was a nice touch, and I will probably play that the most of the two MP modes though. I appreciate that it’s seperate levels to those in the SP.

  • The multiplayer was fun, but I’m not big into multiplayer games much. I loved the co-op mode, but I struggled to find anyone to play with on that one. But the graphics and gameplay on show are great – it looks like the complete game could be impressive.

  • I quite enjoyed it, especially the 3 player co-op. The deathmatch was fairly standard and ok, while plunder was quite good, especially with the ability to toss the plunder to your teammates or strategic locations if you are getting killed.

    Over all, hasn’t changed my opinions about buying the game, after the first one this was a sure thing for me, but it might make me play it more often than the first one, which was the first and only game I have achieved a platinum trophy on.

  • Fantastic, It really showed me that the multiplayer wont have that “hey look at my tacked on multiplayer” feel that a lot of games do. It also made me want the game even more.

  • MP aws good fun, although a little bland.
    But my biggest complaint was the lack of aussie players and being lumped into games with people who had 1 bar pings (our of 5 i think).

    The ability to climb the environments was cool.
    Hopefully the australian MP community will be better on release.

    But i dont really care about the MP so much, the SP should be epic.

  • Loved it, thank you so much Kotaku! Didn’t play much of the competitive MP, but was really enjoying the co-op (even more than Resistance 2). It was always going to be a day one buy, but this has definitely impressed me quite a bit.

  • Co-op was great fun, and difficult.

    Team-based competitive is going to be enough to rival Gears of War, which I also love.

    I think we can all agree this will be a cracker!

  • I really enjoyed the coop component and have high hopes for some memorable gaming moments. The standard multiplayer though, while it was polished and played well, was fun but only for a little.

    The climbing aspect of the multiplayer was fun, however, overall it just felt a little samey. Note: It definitely didn’t feel tacked on, I was just more excited with the coop component and would find myself playing that more than the other multiplayer modes.

  • I loved it, but I didn’t play it very much, I think I’d rather wait until there’s more local games happening. Most of the games I play online log me onto Aussie or European servers (or hosts), this was the first time I’d been on largely US populated servers in a long time. I’d forgotten how annoying it was to be in games where people talk non-game related s**t constantly just to hear their own voices, inbetween reminding you of your sexual preference or calling you a dirty jew.

  • The multiplayer was ok but I wouldn’t buy the game just for it. I like the idea of shorter coop missions and hopefully the main story will have some co op in it. I wasn’t a huge fan of having to throw the plunder idol up to the return point then climb up to it, but that could just be because I was slow to figure it out.

  • Big thank you to Kotaku for this opportunity to play, however I didnt enjoy it for a few reasons. There was some positives though:

    1) Great graphics and no more screen tear!
    2) Great characters and the humour was spot on
    3) Controls were great


    1) The weapons seemed the same as the first game
    2) It doesnt open itself up for MP easily – however that could have been due to the fact that I was playing against a heap of Americans and was getting killed so easily – lag is a letdown
    3) I couldnt work out how to mute certain people (could you even do that?)
    4) When I played co-op the other two were more interested in killing each other than the bad guys, and then they started killing me (I didnt do anything to them) and then I got kicked from the game!!

    The single player mode will rock though! Hopefully my YLOD PS3 will be back in time – does anyone know how long this usually takes to fix? And does the fix always work or will it happen again?

  • The beta was great. Mainly stuck to the coop mode – not a big fan of deathmatch style multiplayer.

    The smoothness of the gameplay was super impressive. It was surprisingly tough to make it to the end of the coop stages.

    Loved it so much it inspired me to replay the first Uncharted again.

  • let me just say this:
    Region Search!
    Region Search!!

    Seriously without this online will be a broken laggy mess just like it sadly is for any Aussies trying to play Gears of War 2 online at the moment.

  • Co-op with friends was the highlight. The general vs. MP wasn’t too bad.

    With mics and a mate, the co-op was so much fun.

  • hated it!
    the matchmaking was horrible. the gameplay was suicide material. while trying to play co-op, finding 2 other people that know what a ps3 is let alone how to play a damn game was near impossible. I dont know what it was like toward the end of the beta but i played it as soon as it was released. tried it again a couple of days later and nothing had changed. so i deleted it from the hdd. that is 1.something gig that i’ll never get back.

  • Firstly I would like to say thanks to Kotaku for giving me the chance to play in my first Beta!

    I have been wanting and trying to get into previous betas for games but its like I may aswell not exist..

    So thnx…

    I enjoyed the uncharted:AT co-op more than the other MP modes by far.

    The DM was ok, but the PLUNDER mode has its faults, there are some really bad spawn points that need fixing.

    I know its only a beta but I hope NaughtyDog consider region search!!!

    Co-Op was great fun when you could find a couple of bloke who knew what to do…

    Guns were, well guns. Didnt impress me or excite me much…

    Graphics were great, but not awesome…

    I liked the hand to hand combat, it gives the close quarter battles more to do than just 2 knife animations… Ala COD4

    IM looking forward to the full game because the story mode is where the most entertainment is for Drake fans….

    Thnx again Kotaku..

  • Didn’t care for it personally. If I want to play a 3rd person MP shooter, I’ll load up GoW2 thanks very much.

    Just deliver me another awesome single player game please!

  • I really liked the multiplayer. It was a good attachment to an already good game.
    However, it really didn’t feel like Uncharted at all, especially the competitive mode. And I’m still going to buy the game solely based on the singleplayer.

    The co-op was fun, and it had that same kind of feel as the first game, but playing with randoms really ruined it a bit. I suppose I’ll have to wait until the real game is out so I can play with my friends.

  • It was a little glitchy graphically at some random times.
    Matchmaking was all over the shop, sometimes it’d quickly find a match, other times it would take ages.
    We NEED geographical matching, because the lag is pretty bad with ppl in the US as it is with many multiplayer games.
    If one of the people in co-op pauses their game for longer than a minute the AI should take over.
    It made me wanna get the original, so that can’t be bad.

  • Definitely enjoyed it. I’m not usually a shooter multiplayer person; generally prefer the single game. I had a surprising amount of fun playing deathmatch and plunder.

    I was always going to get the game. When I do, I’ll be using MP mode more often than I normally do. I loved throwing the grenade into the path of an opponent, and watching them walk right into the trap. Also loved sneaking behind someone, and doing the old neck twist.

    Only complaint was the cover system. I often tried to get cover behind some object, only for my character to hide on the wrong side. Then I’d try to break cover, only for the character to move to another object and hide. Annoying.

  • Hated the multiplayer. A lot.

    Maps were not only way too small, but pretty much just square boxes with no interesting areas.

    The depth of field blur is annoying when aiming because one minute you’re looking at an enemy clear as day, then when he moves, your screen doesn’t know where to focus and often blurs the wrong depth.

    The single player game looks like game of the year material but I think they need to seriously work on the multiplayer if they want people to continue playing it when stuff like Battlefield and Modern Warfare 2 is out.

  • Really enjoyed the beta, thanks for the code Kotaku!

    The adverserial game modes were fun. To me it had a sort of “back to basics” feel about it which was refreshing and I really quite enjoyed. And it still felt like Uncharted to me. Hopefully ships with a fair few maps (and maybe additonal modes?) though, because after a month the same two modes on the same two maps was starting to drag.

    The co-op was a lot of fun, but from such a sort section it was hard to really judge. The bad guys always seemed to spawn in the same spots though(except for a couple of mini-boss types), so it quickly became a bit predictable. Unless the co-op is quite long or has a lot of scenarios, it could get stale quickly unless they mix it up a little. And that would be a real shame, ‘caus the co-op seems pretty solid.

    Still needs some polish, and there were quite a few bugs, but that’s what betas are for, right?

    I did think the net code was really good though. Normally when I’m stuck in US based games they’re unplayable and I just give up. But for me the beta still worked fine.

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