What Do Cammie Dunaway, Peter Molyneux, Yoko Ono Have In Common?

They were the least popular people at E3! Least, they were according to some round-up work done by Bitmob in the wake of their E3 keynote study.

While tidying up the various highs and lows of gaming forum NeoGAF's reaction to the three major E3 keynotes, Andrew Hiscock notes that when it comes to the lows, he found something interesting:

It should be noted that in nearly all instances of an appearance of a known person — whether executive, developer, or celebrity — the threads responded initially as positive. The sole exceptions to this were: Cammie Dunaway, Yoko Ono, and Peter Molyneux.

Who'd have thought that Smiles and Promises would some day end up in the same boat as "that creepy lady who broke up The Beatles"?

Hardcore Gamers vs. The Big Three E3 Press Conferences: An Empirical Study Considered [Bitmob]


    Aww poor Molyneux. People are still angsty over Fable 1's broken promises. That and the huge fuss he made over that dog in Fable 2 for no reason.
    I still rather have to listen to him than the other Yoko or President Cheerful.

    no shit! PM is a bloody moron! Spends ages and millions on games that end up half baked and crap.

    Fable 2 has left me grossly disillusioned with Lionhead, yet I still greatly appreciate Molyneux's sincere passion for games in general, even if he's got the unfortunate habit of putting too much spin on his games.

    So I still respect him for that, I just doubt I'll be hanging out for another of his games anytime soon.

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