What? Klonoa Is Out Already?

What? Klonoa Is Out Already?

Did you know the Wii-make of classic PSone platformer Klonoa has been released in Australia? I didn’t.

I somehow missed it in last week’s The Week In Games. In fact, I only realised after visiting the Atari Australia website yesterday to check something else. While there I noticed that Klonoa was dated for June 19.

June 19? That was last week!

So I checked a few retailers. The EB website returned no search results. Same at GAME. Same at JB. Hmm…

A quick query to Atari this morning confirmed that, yes, Klonoa was in fact released last Thursday. But only at a bare handful of retailers, including Harvey Norman, JB HiFi and various indies such as Games Warehouse.

It would seem that Atari had some difficulty getting more retailers interested in taking the game. Which is a tragedy. The PSone original is, as I said, a classic. Our US colleagues called the Wii-make an excellent port with an “unshakable foundation of quality gameplay”. Even Matthew Perry loves it.

So those of you out there decrying the lack of quality games for the Wii, call your local retailer and ask them about Klonoa. Let’s apply some pressure and show them there’s an audience – and sales – out there for this kind of game.

If you’ve seen Klonoa on sale somewhere, let us know in the comments!


  • I’ve noticed recently EBGames and GAME buyers are being a lot more tight on what they bring in

    There’s been numerous games EB seem to have refused to buy and sell. I pre-ordered one, a day later it disappeared from the site (this was about 2 days before release) and have not since got a call back to cancel the pre-order (i’m just storing it as credit really). The game was velvet assasin

    EB also appear to not wanting to stock Lets Tap for Wii, Afro Samurai amongst others. This should be a concern. Whilst i respect EB’s right to determine whether to sell something or not, this could lead to publishers in Australia NOT supplying stock to anyone and then everyone misses out.

    David, might be worth an investigation to see if GAME and EB have indeed done this. This seems to have occured since about Nov 08 (ie global financial meltdown time).

  • I love it – retailers wont stock a pretty decent Wii game but will keep their shelves piled with My Petz/Party games that I never see anyone buy..

  • It’s the same for Boom Blox Bash Party, looks like only JB and a few other retailers got it – EB Games have it discontinued in their listings and never got any copies.


  • Awww Klonoa on the Wii, bring it to the PS3 where it belongs. I still have my copy of Klonoa, god that was a fantastic game, its still really good even by todays standards.

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