What The Hell Happened To Sam Fisher's Haircut?

When Splinter Cell: Conviction was first announced a few years back, Sam Fisher was different. He had a moppish haircut. People made fun of it. Now? Now the long locks are gone.

The snippet of footage leaked from Ubisoft's press site over the weekend shows Sam with a haircut that's a little more...age-appropriate. I liked his floppy do, gave the hard man a much-needed air of "lattes on a Parisian side-street with a beautiful, complicated stranger", but I don't work in marketing.

Marketing people do. And it looks like the mis-labelled "emo" backlash has put Ubisoft off, resulting in the leaner, meaner style Fisher sports today.


    I'm with you, liked his old hair style more.

    I don't mind so much that they changed his hair, but bring back the beard!

    The mop was gross.

    If that last style was considered emo, then the world is in worse shape than i thought...

    Seriousl people quite bitching about stupid little things like his hair cut or beard - i mean for christs sake it's their game, let them be creative in a way they want. I'm sure a haircut won;t affect gamplay..

    I do like this new version, but the old was way better - it gave same a look of personality - now he just looks like you're standard generic shoot em up guy

    He looks so plain now... barely looks like Fisher... the Mop and beard was great... made him look like street trash... Damn... really unhappy with this :(

    it's too bad hair model..

    i finished the new conviction it was short and horrible :( first splinter cell sam wit longer hair was beter ithink.

    com on guys join (i want the old splinter cell conviction) in facebook maybe ubisof hear us

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