What Will Happen To The Madden NFL Franchise?

NFL Hall of Famer John Madden lent his name to the popular EA franchise Madden NFL franchise. This spring, the 73-year-old Madden retired from broadcasting. What does this mean for the video games?

"Probably gets better, because now John is home, in the Bay Area, where we're headquartered," says Peter Moore. "And in fact our team is there with him right now. He has a production company in the East Bay and I'm spending more time with him because he's not travelling anymore."

Moore points out that the Madden licence continues "for quite a while". When asked what will happen to Madden way down the road, Moore replied, "If you said to me that once I'm gone there's a video game that lives on with my name, there's certainly achievements with my name on already, so it might be a fitting legacy. I don't think anymore that people would think it would be weird if when ultimately he's no longer with us that the game carries on." Just as no one thinks its weird that the Lombardi trophy is named after Vince Lombardi.

Peter Moore on the Strategy of Sports [Gamasutra]


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