What's New In Dungeons And Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited

Not just about making the game free-to-play, the upcoming Eberron Unlimited upgrade for Dungeons & Dragons Online brings new adventures, a raised level cap, and a whole new class - Favoured Soul.

While raising the level cap to 20 and adding in The Plane of Battle and Crime Syndicate Adventure Packs to Dungeons and Dragons online are nice features, players will probably find the most interesting update to be the new player class, Favoured Soul. Despite the incredibly stupid name, the Favoured Soul class seems like it'd be interesting to play. They are basically warrior priests who share the Warlock class' large number of spell points, as well as their inability to freely swap out spells. Nifty.

Along with those changes come changes to the game's combat system, updated visuals, and the return of the Stormreach Marketplace, which was destroyed during an in-game event last year. For those of you looking for a bit more detail, here's the list directly from the media alert:

The new upgrades to DDO Unlimited include:

Ø New Player Class: Players can now create characters using DDO Unlimited's newest class, Favoured Soul. Favoured souls draw on divine magic to both heal and destroy. Like clerics, Favoured souls have access to powerful healing spells, but they are also more skilled with weapons than any other spell caster. Like sorcerers, they get a larger number of spell points than other spell casters and cannot freely switch spells at taverns or rest shrines.

Ø Raised Level Cap: Players can now advance to 20th-level under the D&D® rules. This includes access to new arcane and divine spells, new character abilities, feats, and skills.

Ø New Adventure Packs:

o The Plane of Battle — Players can now travel to the Plane of Shavarath and explore a large wilderness area as they try to infiltrate several fortresses and upset the carefully laid plans of the Devils.

o The Crime Syndicate — Coin Lord Yorrick Amanatu, who controls the Stormreach Guard, wants players to help him eliminate the growing Sharn Syndicate presence in Stormreach.

Ø The Fiercest Combat – This update introduces some exciting enhancements to DDO's extraordinary combat experience including a new combat feedback and smart targeting system that gives players even more information and control that lets them fully engage in the battle by relying on their wits and reflexes in real time.

Ø Mind-blowing Visuals – Explore DDO's vivid and dangerous online world featuring some of the most advanced graphics in the industry with the fully deployed DX10 technology that brings the world to life.

Ø The Return of the Marketplace! – Last year, Turbine held a spectacular live in-game event that resulted in the complete destruction of the Stormreach Marketplace. The Coin Lords have completed their beautification project and the once desolated Market has been restored to its days as a centre for trade, entertainment, and welcome to all who come to Stormreach!


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