What's On Good Game TV Tonight?

Despite the occasional Monday afternoon where we haven't run this post, Monday afternoons wouldn't be complete without letting you know what's on Good Game TV tonight.

So, here's one half of the most pasty-faced television duo in the country, Junglist, to fill you in on this evening's episode.

Here's what you can expect on Monday night's episode of Good Game:

Ghostbusters - It's finally here! And supposedly, enough love has been given to this extension of the franchise to call it the "3rd movie". It's got all the original actors and writers, but how does it play?

Bionic Commando - It wasn't enough for Capcom to remake this retro classic, now they want to bring it to 3D. On paper, it makes the perfect 3rd person action game. See how it plays in practice.

Trials 2 Second Edition - Yep, it's that famous flash game, remade and released on Steam. Control your motorcycle man through insane obstacles.

Plus we'll look at some games that were canned and then leaked onto the net, and examine the rise of the casual gaming space.

You can download any ep of Good Game at www.abc.net.au/goodgame - or catch us Monday nights at 8:30pm on ABC2, or late Friday nights on ABC1, right before rage.

Enjoy the show!


    why do we have to put up with the very stupid and very silly segments in this show? and can junglist stop moving his bloody head side to side very very very bloody annoying

    thank you

      They do run a 30min show, how else can they fill up the time?

        with game reviews!!!!!

      you dont have to watch it. i personally love the show

      i think versus mode is hillarious. rei's segments are usually pretty boring though.

      It's called changing the channel.

    Wow, totally surprised they're hitting up Trials 2. That's been out since late last year (maybe earlier?). Great game, though, and glad to see it get some more publicity.

      It's coming to XBLA too.

    I love the old school pixelated text based games that are on there.

    I haven't seen this show in a some years, but back then the guys did a decent job of it. The problem for Good Game is that gamers generally so tech savvy that they get video game information when it breaks from the internet. Being a weekly show - being a TV show for that matter - means they are always behind outlets like Kotaku and IGN.

    dude give me Junglist's xbox live id and i will so pwn him on any game he chooses. mano-e-mano to the death or 10 kills whichever comes first

    Good Game is the best gaming show in Australia, it beats that trash Level 3 on Channel 31, and that Cybershack show on Ch 9.

    Kudos to the guys at Good Game.

      @Gerry - being better than a Channel 31 TV show isn't something to brag about.

      Just because it is the best (debatable) Video Game show on Australian TV doesn't actually mean it is good.

      I'm still on the fence about this show, personally the hosts irritate the shit out of me. However their reviewing style does seem to be more about what the game is like for the player.

      But just because the show is "for gamers by gamers" doesn't mean they have to act like asshats.

      Level 3 is light years ahead of Good Game in relation to enjoyable viewing, The amount of boring bollocks that comes from Junglist and Bajo makes their show unbearable, they try to stick to their whole "made by gamers" bit. But they really just seem like corporate sell-outs that don't hold an opinion. Level 3's hosts (Jason, Anna, Timmay and Ash) are so much more human, and that makes their opinion well more respectable then any amount of government sponsorship and rubber chickens could ever be.

    I think they do a good job, it's always on my to do list each week.

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