Why Do Girls Have Boobs?

In this promotional clip for PSP title Boku no Natsuyasumi 4 (My Summer Vacation 4), the game's little boy goes around asking why girls have breasts.

At the end of the clip, his exasperated father asks if someone can explain this to the boy.

But honestly, why-girls-have-boobs is a dumb question! The kid should be going around asking why boys have nipples. What is up with that?

Boku no natsuyasumi 4 will be released on Japanese PSPs early next month. The game lets players experience an idyll summer vacation filled with bug collecting, Japanese drum beating, swimming, fishing and irritating questions.


    only in japan lol

    I've heard that the reason that guys have nipples is because as a fetus, there's a point where we are neither male, nor female, and we basically end up with a generic form, which has nipples (and assuming that episode of House was right, testicles and ovaries are the same thing at that point). It's not until later when our bodies finally decide to pick a sex, and then the rest of the transformations begin...

      I think you're basically correct. I remember something similar from compulsory Biology in highschool.

    You can't ask why do boys have nipples if you don't know why girls have boobs. That wouldn't make any sense.

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