Why Is Kobe Bryant Wearing A Knicks Uniform?

Why Is Kobe Bryant Wearing A Knicks Uniform?

Word has it that the Kobe Bryant NBA 2K10 cover wasn’t supposed to be revealed until later today when the NBA Finals start. But here it is, on your internet.

Bryant grew up playing basketball video games like Double Dribble. “Video games were a big part of my childhood, especially basketball video games, so it’s cool to be the face of a game, especially the 2K game which is the best out there,” he says.

2K is letting fans pick the cover. There are four choices to choose from, including the personal favourite of die-hard New Yorker Spike Lee: The Lakers guard wearing a N.Y. Knicks uniform.

“If Kobe is going to be on the cover, at least put him in the orange and blue,” Lee says of the Photoshopped Knicks image. Lee is trying to do for Kobe Bryant what he did for Michael Jordan. The director made a documentary about the hoopster called “Kobe Doing Work” and is now helping with publicity ads for the game.

Though, don’t think your votes for Kobe-as-a-Knick will count for much. Well, other than a place in Spike Lee’s heart, that is.

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