Why Valve Don't Develop For The PS3

Despite strongly suggesting why they don't develop for the PS3, people still ask the question: why, Valve, do you not develop for the PS3? For those people, Valve's Tom Leonard has an answer.

Be warned, though; since those people cannot take a hint, his answer isn't exactly subtle.

The PC and the 360 are just more straightforward. We can focus on what we want to do, which is make game experiences, instead of sweating bullets over obscure architectural decisions they make with their platform. [...]I didn't come into this business in the 90s because of some technical fetish. I came in because I wanted to give people experiences that made them have fun.

See? Not. Subtle. Now's a good time to stop holding out for that PS3 version of Left 4 Dead.

Valve Shuts out "Too Complicated" PS3 [Loot Ninja]


    I maybe a fanboy but you gotta admit, he does have a point. The time spent getting your dev adjusted to foreign architecture (not necessarily better architecture) could be spent making and polishing content.

    The Killzone 2 devs themselves were saying early during development were quoted as saying that times have changed from when it took 3 days to make a level to upwards of a month. - But this may be taking the comment slightly out of context, I think he was bitching about graphical efforts required more than normal coding, but the example is still applicable.

    In other words: "we like the mula Microsoft gives us in return".

      If it were for money, I would assume they'd want to release it on the PS3 as well.

      The PS3 GPU isn't as efficient as a PC or xbox, it's much harder to code to, and the support apparently sucks.
      Plus, when your designing the game on PC, of course your going to port it to the closest brother. Having said that though, it's not without saying the PS3 would easily be able to run it... with a bit of time. It's just business.

    Outsourcing ports over to EA works just fine for me. Orange Box is a great example of this =)

    I love TF2 and L4D, but I find this rant incredibly disappointing.

    Seems Valve are afraid of a little hard work.

      I doubt many (if any) of those accusing Valve of being "lazy" work in games development themselves, let alone PS3 games development. PS3 is relatively very tricky to develop for. Sure some do it, but Valve are *far* from alone in the industry when they turn their backs on the platform because they feel it's not worth the effort.

      You can love the PS3 all you want (I have nothing against it from a gamer perspective), but don't sit there spouting accusations of laziness unless you've actually been through the ordeal of developing for the thing.


    so i guess TF2 for PSP is out of the question?

    And 360 fans should stop holding out for those delicious TF2 updates that's been hitting PC since forever ago.

    The cold, harsh truth is that Valve is first and foremost PC dev. They will only port to other consoles if it doesn't take that much effort. And personally, I don't mind. Whoever wants to play Valve games without keyboard and mouse?

    C'mon EA, port like you did with orange box ;)

    Owning a ps3 360 and pc I dont care either way, but when so many other company's are making games for all 3 systems this sounds like a lame excuse.

    In other words; Valve are lazy. Plenty of developers have had amazing results with the PS3. Some have said its hard, but have also said its powerful and they credit it on what it is able to achieve. Valve on the other hand is quite happy doing the same thing over and over again. I think Tom Leonard got into the industry for the paycheck not the challenge.

    can somebody explain what he actually means?

    I have heard from other developers that the PS3 is harder to work with. Is this basically what he is saying?

    Translate.... I don't know how to develope for PS3, it is too complex. All I know is Windows and DirectX.

    So one of the most talented studios in the world refuses to even TRY to make their games work on ps3? Funny because alot of other developers seem to have managed to do it by now.

    I guess valves programmers really just don't like ps3.

    PS3 is the worst platform to develop for ATM.

    Microsoft got it right using DirectX like SDK for 360, and Apple's iPhone SDK is great as well. PS3 downright sucks.

    Having to worry about super-low-level implementation details instead of gaming innovation is a real deal breaker. No wonder the PS3 dev-kits keep dropping price!

    I think it's pretty stupid to call them lazy developers. I beleive Valve wants to focus a lot more of their energy on developing a great user experience, rather than spending that time(money) jumping technical hurdles that the PS3 may throw at them.
    I'm sure if Sony really wanted TF2/OB/L4D on the console, they'd give Valve an incentive.

    No Junkers, it is laziness.
    You don't hear any other developers whinging about it being "too hard" to develop for the PS3. Some have said it is not as straight forward as the 360 because it essentially porting but they have still delivered titles for the PS3.
    This statement just says that we're not willing to put in the effort that other developers are to bring games to the PS3.

    Yes, Valve are lazy.

    But they're also basically a PC company. The 360 only gets a look-in because Microsoft purposely made 360 development similar to PC development. It makes good business sense to do so.

    If Valve really wanted to get into PS3 development though, I'm sure they could afford to hire some good PS3 devs.

    They won't though. It seems to give them pleasure to watch PS3 owners squirm.

    Company discovers that cost of bringing a complex computer program to an alien hardware architecture does not balance with the benefits of doing so. Decides not to and is called lazy.

    Any developers who claim programming on the Playstation 3 is too hard aren't just lazy, they're stupid as well.

    Valve's games havn't changed since HL2, don't get me wrong I love HL, L4D, TF2, CSS etc... I've played them all and completed all the single player elements. BUT it's the only developer in history that I know of who uses the exact same source code for games almost dating 10 years. The graphics do not change, they just add more textures and people updating their video cards are noticing better AA.

    They need to stretch out and start making console games, afterall the PC market is only one side of gaming.

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