Will Team Ninja Take The Slutty Route With Samus?

Was speaking with new Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi today, and got to thinking...Team Ninja are admirers of the female form. Team Ninja are now doing Metroid. So will Team Ninja be admiring Samus' form?

Oh come on. Don't tell me you weren't thinking it. The studio's games, with or without former boss Tomonobu Itagaki, have always been as well known for their T&A as their swordplay and volleyball. So there are bound to be people hoping/fearing that they'll soon be seeing Samus bouncing around in naught but a thong and a helmet.

Don't worry. Hayashi says Team Ninja will be keeping things classy.

"Every female character in our games is as attractive as possible, both inside and out", Hayashi said. "There has to be something attractive".

"But as long as we provide that in the one place - the inside - that's what's important with this game".

Touching. Maybe they'll save the jubblies for Super Metroid Beach Volleyball Extreme?



    We can only hope that they use the picture on this article as concept art.

    You hear that Team Ninja.

    That is the sound of Samus fans sharpening their pitchforks and lighting their torches.

    You be careful now.

    Inside and out, hey? Maybe it'll be worth getting then :P

    anybody else waiting for Super Metroid Beach Volleyball Extreme as much as Metroid Other M? lol j/k, and yea you have a pretty heavy load to carry team ninja, taking over one of the greatest game series ever known to man isn't as easy as your past projects, and for all you halo fans... samus could so kick master chiefs @$$ it isn't even funny... i mean come on now, it isn't even a fight really it is a complete obliteration. but anyways i am deffinately looking forward to the game, it looks pretty hardcore

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