WIN! Monster Hunter And A PSP To Play It On

monster-hunter-pic-1Capcom's RPG sensation, Monster Hunter, has invaded Australia. Find out how you can win one of four copies of Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite plus one of four PSPs to play it on.

Thanks to Capcom's Australian distribution partner THQ, we have four copies of Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite and four PlayStation Portables to give away.

To win - and start your monster hunting, mining, farming, fishing, crafting, cooking and gathering career - we want you to mock up a screenshot of yourself hunting a terrifying and dangerous monster.

Look at the screen above. Take note of the health bar, mini-map, inventory etc. Now remove the hero and the monster. And replace them with yourself (and maybe some of your friends - Monster Hunter, after all, is all about co-operative questing) and something vicious and nasty.

Send your mock screenshot to the usual address. The most imaginative, creative and inspired entries will take home the four prize packs. You've got nearly two weeks to do this, with entries closing at midnight on Sunday, July 12.

Good luck, brave warriors!

[Terms and Conditions]


    How many times can we enter?

    Is the Bundle deal with the PSP and monster hunter also in Aus?

      2. Entry is open to all Australian residents who visit during the promotional period. Employees and their immediate families of the Promoter and its agencies associated with this promotion are ineligible.

      Read the terms and conditions bro.

        I'm not sure what you're saying there Akin...
        I believe Swarmski was asking whether he could BUY the monster hunter PSP bundle in Aus. (Which is worth $369.90 according to the T & C's)
        If you meant to reply to chuloopa, well, the answer to that question isn't in the T & C's anyway.

    Ew ew ew ew.

    do you guys want a real photo or do we have to draw the monster and ourselves?

      Up to you.

        So we're allowed to draw the pic?

    Can you have more than one entry?


    Can we use different Monster hunter screenshots for the base image? Or do we have to use the one provided? Or we can do what we want as long as the health bar, map, inventory etc is present? Thanks

      Sure you can.

    The T&C doesn't say anything about more than one entry - are we allowed??

    Also, does a person have to be the fighter or can we do other stuff?

    thanks :)

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