Win One Of Eight NERF Blasters

Play a flash game win a NERF. Life suddenly makes sense, no?

The NERF Vulcan EBF-25 and Recon CS-6 have finally hit Aussie shores, and to mark the occasion we have four Vulcans and four Recons to give away to dexterous Kotaku readers. To go into the running to score one of the eight blasters, simply click through to our NERF portal and test your trigger finger on the shooter game.

Each Saturday in July - from July 4 to July 25 - we’ll be handing out one Vulcan or one Recon to the week's top two scorers. Now because we have an insatiable need to confuse things like to give you a headstart here at Kotaku, the game is already up and running. Which means you have just under two weeks to record the highest score and be eligible for the first round of prizes on July 4.

Remember: only one prize per person is allowed and you must leave a valid email address to be eligible.

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    that game is just SO stupid.

    This is BS - i cant get any more than 1900.
    There isnt even enough bombs to get over 2000.... i call BS and haxors!

    I have a Vulcan, but I bought it in Hong Kong.

    'Tis the shit, verily

    yeah, i have the same question as NegativeZero; where can you buy these? The website assures me "You can find the Vulcan EBF-25, Recon CS-6, and many other NERF products at all leading departmental and toy stores." but a quick look around the city in Brisbane only led to confused salespeople ... anyone seen them in stores?

      These are available in the Target toy sale which starts July 23rd. I've seen them in store for $99.00 (sale price $70.00 with bonus darts) Check out for their catalogue. Toys r us also have then but they will sell out quickly. Kmart had them for $50.00 - great price but out of stock so quickly.

    I missed NERF war in my uni (in the US). 40 people, hellavalotsa darts, and a lot of good times. One thing I learn is don't use any gun that requires the slim darts (CS6 and long shot). Didn't know Vulcans use the screamer though. I still like the old shotty and firefly better.

    I've seen one or two other NERF products around Target (Australia), but not very many. They're so much easier to find in the US.

      what's the problem with the slim darts?

    How the hell did the guys get top scores of more than 5000? They have to be cheating!

    I saw it on sale at my local Toy World. About $99 if I remember correctly.

    I bought myself a Vulcan at Toys'R'Us in Castle Hill, NSW, not too long ago... but overall very hard to find anything that's not a pistol.

    Also, how are people getting over 2200 in the game? I've shot down every bomb bar like 3-4 and are only getting 1600 or so?

    This is so lame. Been trying for ages (one and a half hours), getting 10-13 rounds where not one bomb has escaped and have not managed to reach the 2000 mark, let alone the 2200. -.-

    I really do believe there is some real bad cheating going on here....

    Maybe some writers could have a go at the game and see for themselves how impossible there scores are.


    Seriously, i challenge everyone at kotaku to have a go and try to crack 2000, shit is impossible

    please can i have that gun i will anything

    im going to make that score

    im going to make that score

    i am 11 and i want to get that gun becouse i like playing with guns

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