WIN! Overlord II 360/PS3 Plus Your Own Minions

WIN! Overlord II 360/PS3 Plus Your Own Minions

overlord-minionsWho wants some minions? More to the point, who doesn’t want their own minions? Good, looks like you’ve come to right place.

All this week we’re giving away those cheeky scamps you can see right up there. We’re also giving away the game they come from, too. It’s called Overlord and it’s really rather evil.

Today we’ve got one Xbox 360 copy and one PlayStation 3 copy up for grabs. Plus, you also get a set of four minion figurines.

All you have to do is write a limerick. Jump on over to the original competition post to find out more and leave your limerick in the comments while you’re there.

Don’t leave your limerick in the comments of this post. You won’t be eligible, you see.

Meanwhile, we’ve got two more winners to announce. They are:

Tuesday’s PS3 Winner
The Overlord sat and wondered
What else he could have plundered
He was now resigned
That his minions wouldn’t find
The Overlordess for whom he hungered

Tuesday’s Xbox 360 Winner
There once was a mad overlord
Who loved stabbing all things with his sword
His wife as she lay
Would sigh and solemnly say
If you poked me as much I’d applaud

WIN! Overlord II 360/PS3 Plus Your Own Minions [Original Post]


  • um.. that entry from dan was his second for the day if i’m not mistaken?

    although it was great.. lol

  • There once was a little tyke called Overlad
    Destruction and mayhem was skills that he had
    Good had no chance
    As Evil did a dance
    And crapped all over the do gooders pad.


  • There once was an evil overlord
    He was an atheist and lived by the bog
    Things got a bit hectic
    Turns out he was dyslexic
    He was trying to disprove the existence of dog.

    360 please

  • The minion colours aren’t right.

    The frill neck type are the water (blue) ones.
    And I think the Assassin (green) type have the long ears?

  • Our Overlord he did like to drink,
    Till one day he went over the brink,
    With stein of mead in hand,
    Against wife’s demands,
    He relieved himself in the sink.

    Our Overlord he did like to drink,
    Till that day he pissed in the sink,
    His wife took the minions,
    And half his dominion,
    He was surprised ’cause in bed that’s her kink.

    360 please.

    • May as well leave them be, APK. Plus, it’s interesting to see how many people never properly read instructions.

  • Ahah, those little guys look cool. Can’t wait to get mine.

    PS – Dan’s limerick made me laugh. Nice one.

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