WIN! Overlord II 360/PS3 Plus Your Own Minions

overlord2_360_ausratingOur evil plan to force readers to write ridiculous limericks is coming along rather nicely. We’re also giving away a game called Overlord II and it’s really rather evil, too.

Today we’ve got one Xbox 360 copy - yep, that one right there - and one PlayStation 3 copy up for grabs. Plus, you also get a set of four minion figurines.

All you have to do is write a limerick. Jump on over to the original competition post to find out more and leave your limerick in the comments while you’re there.

Don’t leave your limerick in the comments of this post. You won’t be eligible, you see.

No, really, I'm not kidding about that whole being ineligible thing.

And if you're wondering who won yesterday, you'll find out in about... one second.

Wednesday's PS3 Winner Cerzel An overlord sits at his throne, Happily chewing his enemies’ bones, They crossed him you see A folly indeed They made fun of his favourite cologne.

Wednesday's Xbox 360 Winner Palstran As the overlord comes over the hill his minions begin to show off their skill The browns frontal attack while the greens stab in the back and the red and blue do as they will

WIN! Overlord II 360/PS3 Plus Your Own Minions [Original Post]


    Shame, there were better ones than those imo.

    And no I didn't enter, so I'm not talking about myself :P

    Just got home from work; this is a nice thing to come home to. Awesome, cheers and such.

    I've not received an email or anything yet which I'm kinda worried about, but I guess I should just be waiting longer, right? (This is the first Kotaku thing I've tried in, let alone won.)

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