WIN! Overlord II 360/PS3 Plus Your Own Minions

This is your last chance to nab for yourself a copy of Overlord II. Our week-long giveaway ends today.

Just as we've been telling you all week, today we’ve got one Xbox 360 copy and one PlayStation 3 copy of Codemasters' new "evil 'em up" to give away. Plus, you also get a set of four minion figurines.

All you have to do is write a limerick - a dastardly, cheeky and just plain naughty limerick. Jump on over to the original competition post to find out more and leave your limerick in the comments while you’re there.

Don’t leave your limerick in the comments of this post. You won’t be eligible, you see.

Oh, and if it helps, the quality of entries has been waning over the course of the week. (No offence to today's winners!) So if you do happen to write a good limerick today, then frankly, you're pretty much a shoe-in to win.

Thursday's PS3 Winner jawsy “Try the fish!” as he burst into song, A reformed villain, turned crooner named John. The routine was abhorrent; Garish spandex- no comment. Geez, where did evil go oh so wrong?

Thursday's Xbox 360 Winner Kent Dempsey In Overlord role I excel I summon my minions from hell They murder insanely Despite limbs ungainly, But MUST I endure their smell?!

WIN! Overlord II 360/PS3 Plus Your Own Minions [original post]


    Lol if my gut instinct is right Jawsy picked up a 360 version on Monday too.

      Not under the name of Jawsy that's for sure.

    Overlad, our powerful new Overlord
    Takes on the Empire with his minion horde,
    With gnomes not so gentle,
    and Elves environmental,
    I hope he has time to sharpen his sword!

    PS3 please :)

      whoops, didn't see that I'm supposed to post on the original. Reposting there now.

    Visiting a Schoolyard one day
    The overlord started to pray
    The minions wished to please
    And broke all the kids knees
    The guy is evil what’s more to say?


    WOO thanks heaps Kotaku! I was rackin my brain daily to come up with these, and proud of all of them - yayyy!!!

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