WIN! Overlord II 360/PS3 Plus Your Own Minions

Today - and every day this week - we'll be giving away two copies of Overlord II, the very cheeky new evil 'em up from Codemasters. Find out how to win after the jump.

There's a lot of games nowadays that ask you if you're Good or if you're Evil, if you want to pet the puppy or kick the puppy. Overlord II isn't that kind of game.

In Overlord II you either bite the puppy's head off or you order one of your minion's to do it for you. Then you bite your minion's head off.

Overlord II is all about being evil. Which is why you're so keen to enter this giveaway.

Today we've got one copy of Overlord II for Xbox 360 and one copy of Overlord II for PS3 to give away. Plus, both winners will each score a set of four Overlord minion figurines.

To be in the running we want you to be as cheeky as those minions. You need to write a limerick all about your Overlording exploits designed to get us cackling with wickedness.

For the pedants out there, Wiki says "The standard form of a limerick is a stanza of five lines, with the first, second and fifth having eight or nine syllables and rhyming with one another, and the third and fourth having five or six and rhyming separately." Consider it a guide.

Leave your limerick in the comments below. One entry per person per day is allowed. If you leave multiple entries, only the first limerick will be considered during that days draw.

UPDATE: And please state which console you'd like!

UPDATE #2: This competition is now closed.

Good luck!

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    There once was a brute Overlord,
    Who impaled Villagers on his sword.
    With his minions at hand,
    He yelled the command,
    "Destroy them!" but he was ignored.

      I have both consoles, so I'm not too worried either way.

    There once was a goblin named Peter,
    Who met an old woman named Rita,
    He pushed her down quickly,
    Then proceeded to eat her,
    and proclaimed that he needed some sweetener.

      Xbox 360 version please.

    Born out of cold rubble and stone.
    I ascent on skulls to my throne.
    As is my will,
    my minions will kill
    and all of the villagers will be pwn'd.

      I'd like a 360 version, thanks.

    Here's a Minion limerick for ya;

    Though evil deeds we dare not shirk,
    being bad is not all hard work,
    we club seals in bunches,
    and PETA can't touch us,
    it's so damn fun being a jerk!

    email: [email protected]
    Console: xbox360

    There once lived an evil overlord,
    Who had minions and a very sharp sword,
    He rampaged with a roar,
    was popular with the whores,
    and never seemed to get bored.

    ps3 version if i win please =D

    He's the leader of all you can see,
    but his Ding Dong does burn when he pees.
    He destoys the best,
    and sleeps with the rest.
    He's a walking, talking S T D

      360, please!!!

    Despite dissenting opinion
    I've never mistreated a minion
    Though their outrage grew
    When I kicked a few
    I'm still lord of all my dominion

    Xbox 360 please

    Once upon a time in grieder
    There was a mean and nasty leader
    He chopped at the bit
    TO do a big hit
    before he could cook and eater

    PS3 please :)

    There once was this nice guy
    Who decided to get dark
    I totally enjoyed the pounding
    Then destroyed all that surrounding
    Now I also have Minions that can bark

    There once was an overlord named Stan
    Who was more of a worry than Iran
    But not only that
    On the N Korea nuclear board he sat
    With Kim Jong-il as his right hand man

    The fair maidens begin to squeal,
    But not because of his sex appeal,
    While the village burns the to ground,
    There really isn't a more beautiful sound,
    Even though nothing was left to steal.

      ... PS3 please

    The minion, evil's great tool
    However they are also great fools
    But just take off a head
    The others will dread
    They will be loyal for your rule

    The demo gave me motion sickness,
    Was forced to quit with much quickness,
    The Overlord's sword gleaned,
    The minions, they did scream,
    As they vanished into darkness.

      I have a PS3...

    There once was a Troll named Fred
    Who had a really big head
    He spent his days making up new fads
    Then the Overlord came and kicked him in his nads
    But he was much worse than the troll who is dead

    There was a minion called Bugley,
    Who considered himself quite ugly.
    So this quickly he implored,
    To his dear Overlord,
    Who surprisingly replied he was snugly.

    - 360

    If you win a copy of Overlord II
    and are confused at what you must do,
    loot, pillage and burn
    at every turn
    and annihilate all who come after you

    Through all the thunder and lighting,
    Was a master born breed only for smiting,
    With evil at heart,
    He could never part,
    With his minions his team for the fighting.

    XBOX360 please


    T'was an overlord so diabolical,
    So utterly, terribly maniacal,
    Burned his enemies heads
    In hot lava beds
    T'were not left with a single hair follicle.

    PS3 version, please.

    Oh thou hear the roar of thy lord,
    And run to fetch his master's sword,
    Thou sir is on ice,
    While thy minion cooks mice,
    We wait 'till oh master has thawed

    Preference: PS3
    Thank you!

    Life in Nordberg is no trial,
    Under the Empire we live in denial,
    What's that you've spied?
    His minions now ride!
    Hmm, how can a helmet smile?

      Oops, sorry. 360 version please.

    there once was a lord near to bree,
    who went on a large killing spree,
    both elves and the dwaves,
    did soil their draws,
    for the delightful amusement of me.

    Ps3 pleases master.

    360 sorry

    There once was an evil Overlord
    Who got terribly terribly bored
    He tried going insane
    It all felt mundane
    So he decided to fall on his sword

    Xbox 360 please!

    Console Preference: PS3

    There exists an Overlord by day
    who completes spreadsheets for pay!
    But, once it hits five
    The evil subsides,
    Then gathers the minions to slay!

    Commanding my minions for my dirty deeds
    Killing foes, because of my greed
    I am the Overlord
    Mach 2, I had roared
    And my experience, well, it soared.

    360 version.

      Woops, didn't get the rhyming right. Maybe tomorrow

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