Win Prizes In 1 Vs. 100 Next Week?

Last night on 1 vs. 100, it sounds like host Chris Cashman let slip that this coming week the game show's beta is over, and players can finally take home Microsoft points.

The accidental leak came after The One, as many have been wont to do during the beta, either ignored or didn't remember the caution that choosing the money over the Mob results in a big fat zilch toward your MS points balance. Cash prizes are not being awarded in Beta. So Cashman jumped on the mike at a break to tsk-tsk about that, and overshared a little.

According to Xboxic, which was playing when it happened, Cashman reminded the players that "prizes cannot be be won until next week!

Having realised what he just said, the host mumbled his words and continued to speak at a faster pace - then announced again for us to watch out next week when a huge announcement is coming for 1 vs 100, before continuing to babble on about his lack of an original gamertag to move away from the subject!

I've emailed a Microsoft rep to see if they want to take a swing at this. At minimum, I'd expect some sort of announcement soon on a full 1 vs. 100 release.

Kotaku AU Note: The 1 Vs. 100 beta is currently available in North America only.

1 vs. 100 an Announcement is Coming Soon [xboxic]


    is this avaliable in australia yet?

      Check the last sentence of the post...

    I heard there was a Canadian Beta (I know the last sentence kind of includes that) and some of the UK details have been floating around the net - even the linked articles comments.

    I assume since Eddy already had an Oz version on 9 that we'll see this eventually (hopefully next week, but I'm not holding my breathe)

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