Wolverine, Venkman, Yahtzee Attend Supanova

Wolverine, Venkman, Yahtzee Attend Supanova

Kotaku readers keep sending us photos of their adventures at Supanova, Australia’s biggest geek fest which took place in Sydney over the weekend. Here’s some more!

These come courtesy of Maxwell S. That’s him dressed as Willy Wonka The Joker in (almost) every photo.

Max made plenty of friends during his trek around the convention centre. Like two of the Ghostbusters team…


And Hugh Jackman.


A surprisingly cute looking Bowser…


And award-winning games critic, Yahtzee!


Maxwell was finally assimilated.


Thanks Maxwell for all the great pics. If you took some snaps at Supanova, send them to us (or link us to your Facebook, Flickr, Twitpic etc gallery) and we’ll publish the best.


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