Xbox Japan Ad Features Economic Recession Song

This is the latest Japanese Xbox 360 commercial — it's for the Platinum Collection budget line of games and low priced 360 consoles. It features a yet-unreleased track from Japanese rapper Seamo. About what?

The recession. The title of the tune is Fukeiki nante buttobase! — which means something like "What a recession we're heading towards!" or it could even be localised into "What a fucking recession!" Fitting.


    That's not what it means. It means more like "Recession? Let's just break through it!"
    'Buttobase' literally means to punch it away.
    'nante' means 'something insignificant as/useless as'.
    'Fukeiki' = Recession. More technically, 'period of time where nothing sells well'(Kanji Translation).

    Try searching for 'SEAMO - Mother' and it's translation. It's such a wonderful song dedicated to our mothers.

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