Xbox Live Arcade Could Tell Tales Of Monkey Island, Too

Telltale Games' is set to spin more Monkey Island yarns this Winter, when the episodic Tales of Monkey Island begins rolling out on WiiWare and PC. But it may also set sail for Xbox Live Arcade, should the stars align.

Dave Grossman of Telltale tells Eurogamer that the developer "wouldn't rule it out," but would simply have to wait for the already announced versions, some of which we got a peek at during E3, to ship.

"We didn't so much decide not to put it on Xbox Live Arcade as we decided not to put it on XBLA now," Grossman said to Eurogamer. "Normally what we do is PC and one of the other platforms, and we've been bouncing back and forth between them.

Telltale certainly has experience with this whole episodic thing, as well as WiiWare, PC and XBLA development, thanks to its Sam & Max and Wallace and Grommit adventures. The only digital distribution platform that still seems to be missing is the PlayStation Network, something Grossman sounds positive on, if not committal.

XBLA Tales of Monkey Island possible [Eurogamer]


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