Xbox Live Gold Membership For $1

Xbox Live Gold Membership For $1

xbox-live-logoXbox Australia’s community site, InsiderX just posted a special deal for Australian Xbox Live silver members.

If you head to the Xbox website, you can sign up for a month’s Gold subscription to Xbox Live and pay just one dollar.

Which is nice. And it looks like the offer is only for Australia right now.

Of course, we used to get these 1-month free offers in selected Xbox 360 games. Haven’t seen one of those in a while now.

But hey, $1 might not be free, but it’s only $1 more.

Xbox Live For $1 [InsiderX]


  • Its a scam, once you enter your credit card details your gone. Once that month finishes you will be charged for the the following 12 months after. You can however cancel it before the month ends but guess how many people wont read the fine print.

  • Not really a scam, but was jsut on the phone for 30 mins talking to them, finally got them to cancel the dam reoccurring monthly payment. Otherwise, a month for a dollar, before the school holidays hit? its win-win for them and us imo.

    • Yeah, but you have to actually phone them to cancel the auto renewal. No online, email or other way to cancel.

      In my books, because of the auto renewal from credit card at “normal” rate, this is the biggest scam I can ever recall being run by microsoft.

      It’s the equivelant of a subprime mortgage. Pay a tiny amount in the first month, but then autorenew a monthly payment and get completely ripped off compared to an annual rate.

      Just down right dirty.

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