Xbox LIVE Is Back Online

Yes, we know. After being down off the grid for 24 for some scheduled maintenance, LIVE is back up. Notice any differences?


    your profile on is different now.

    Dident notice anything diffrent was on a second ago. theres a community play night for dukenukem soon....kinda odd seeing as nearly noone plays that game :P

    well, is all screwed up for starts.

    Yeah the myxbox thing is a little different, there's a few popups on the friends list and your avatar has a nice goldy glow behind it.

    Its finally not as laggy for me. Or is it a placebo effect but it does not seem to hold up as much when I click it.

    U serious... have u not noticed the new default dashboard theme & categories?

    All the individual Iron Maiden songs were missing.
    You could still download the pack though.

    Also, they still haven't made the Evanescence or Spinal Tap available for download.

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