Xbox Live Offering "Thriller" For Free

The Michael Jackson Grief-a-Thon rolls into its fourth big moneymaking day. Except that "Thriller" is being offered free for the rest of the weekend on Xbox Live Marketplace. Ordinarily it goes for 160 Microsoft points.

"Beat It," "Smooth Criminal" and "Billie Jean" join Thriller in the top 10 of the Most Popular in XBLM's Marketplace right now. The former three videos are the standard 160-point price. They're all in standard def.

Kotaku AU Note: I haven't checked, is this actually available in Australia?

Michael Jackson's Thriller Video Free Today On XBLM []


    What? You have to pay for it normally? Just get onto the PS3 VidZone! Just before his death they had and still do have his greatest hits, about 20 clips including thriller, streaming in standard def... and all for free!

    And no no... no fan boy here, just think it sucks what one person gets for free, another company normally charges for!

      hmm.. it might be a free service but i'm thinking that streaming a 400MB 14 minute film clip that eats into your internet usage anytime you want to watch it isn't free after all.

        you can actually download the clip if you want too. Downloading off Xbox Live takes net usage aswell =X. So... your dumb.

        I have 150 gig, so this has no effect on me any way.

    Nope, just checked on my end, not available here :(

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