Xbox Live Team Working On Their 360 Dash Speed

According to Major Nelson's latest podcast, the Xbox Live Team is working towards making a harder, better, faster, and indeed stronger Xbox Live Dashboard for the next update later this year.

Some of you have taken issue with the slow speed of the New Xbox Experience, and Major Nelson and the rest of the Xbox Live team have taken notice. In his latest podcast, the Major promises that the next major dash update will see a much faster guide. Just don't call it a performance enhancement, whatever you do.

"The team has done some really good stuff around making performance enhancements. 'Performance enhancements' doesn't sound right because it sounds like we're going to give the guide a little blue pill, and we're not doing that. Whatever we call it (and it's not going to be called the NNXE), but whatever the next version of the dashboard is called, it's better with a lot of very cool new features. That update will be out later this year."

Thank goodness, because if the Xbox Live team had released a dashboard update that was worse in every way, they'd be Vista team, and they keep the two separate for a reason.

Show #323: E3 2009 and Iraq [Major Nelson via CVG]


    Even with fast ADSL+2 and you have't reached your download limit, the Dashboard is pretty slow to load.

    More features sounds good, but make it so that whatever needs loading, isn't a large. I don't know how all of this stuff works - but look at it like a JPEG file versus a PNG.

    Make things look pretty & awesome features but in a JPEG kinda way! haha
    The new update is good, just much more advertising which is why its so slow and takes ages to load.

    i find the way the current dash loads is backward.

    it should load the links and content that i want first and all the pretty pictures and crap after.

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