Xbox Live's Return Brings Xbox Live Issues

Xbox Live has just successfully completed an entire day of downtime. Unfortunately, the current uptime isn't quite as successful, with missing games, failing downloads, and unredeemable code issues abounding.

Microsoft flipped Xbox Live's on switch late last night, and while the snazzy new look of the website distracted many of us for a spell, various technical issues have been becoming more and more apparent as the day drags on. For starters, last week's Sega Vintage Collection 2 seems to have disappeared from the Xbox Live Marketplace altogether, and those games that are still available, including the three new releases, seem to be available for purchase but unavailable for download. I tried to download Magic: The Gathering myself, and was greeted by the screen you see here.

Another rampant issue seems to be the failure of pre-order codes for the Xbox 360 version of Ghostbusters. While owners of the PlayStation 3 version are reporting successful redemption, 360 owners aren't able to get their hands on their early-adapter bonus swag.

We've reached out to Microsoft for a status update on the issues, and are eagerly awaiting some sort of response. In the meantime, the support page has been updated with the following message:

Users may experience difficulties when attempting to use Marketplace and/or making purchases. We are aware of the problem and working to resolve the technical issues. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.

At least we know they are aware of the problem. I'm just hoping they fix things soon, as I am starting to feel the shakes of pre-emptive Magic withdrawal.


    When I try to get on to it comes up with a "500 - Server error"

      Well the layout of is certainly - err - different. I'm not sure what spurred it though.

    IMO what MS is doing is great...

    Moving all these networks into one simple and easy to access location...

    Was going to hit a few bumps along the way but what do you expect..

    I'm really looking forward to MTG on xbla, Putting up a 'download' link is just cruel when it doesn't work.

    Thanks for the post, at least I know it's not just me :D

      Yeah somethings not right... tried to d/l MTG it started than said there was an error and that I had been charged for the item and wouldnt be charged when i go to resume later.... NOW the only option I have is to purchase it again... hopefully when their system is fixed it'll register that its eaten my points already and let me download it... I'm not wastin another 800 on the same thing... where would you go to resolve an issue like this if it doesnt get sorted when their problems are resolved?

        It should still keep a track of your purchases in your d/l history. This stuff is weird. I can't see any box art or pictures on marketplace unless its "new" post xbl downtime. Some dlc downloads others dont. And what's weirder is that the other 360 in my house can see almost everything give or take a few items. It's been nearly 24hrs and there's still no fix what is going on microsoft? A little system msg would have been nice too.

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