Yes, Vin Disel Is Actually Involved In Game Making

Hollywood star Vin Diesel has a game company, Tigon. Lots of Hollywood people have companies, but that doesn't mean they actually do anything.

According to Tigon head Ian Stevens, Diesel is as involved as his film schedule permits. "If he's shooting a Fast and Furious I get a lot less of his time," the game exec points out. When Diesel is around, what does he do?

"He'll look at these things and bring up a list of thirty things you could do to make this hour of gameplay, from a narrative standpoint, more immersive, more interesting," Stevens says Diesel's involved in game development. "So we take it back to shop, and maybe half of them are things we can do, and half of them aren't — but it's an interesting bit of feedback that otherwise wouldn't exist, wouldn't be solicited, that happens because he's involved in the process."

Stevens also adds that Vin is "not quite the meat-head action star that a lot of people see him as." Well, duh! While other Hollywood studios have been grappling to "get" gaming, Diesel has been churning out game after game since 2002. Regardless what you think of his games or his movies or his arm pit, that's pretty smart.

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    the man played 2nd ed D&D, that game is all kinds of complicated. if you can wrap your head around THAC0 your definitely not a "meathead"

    @Ryno: 'the man played 2nd ed D&D' says it all, doesn't it? That's ubergeek credentials right there. He's also kinda shy and awkward in interviews; the meat-head image is just marketing, pure and simple.

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