Yet Another Video Game Timer Doomed To Fail

A Minnesota inventor has invented an invention that inventively shuts off power to game consoles once a parent plugs in and password protects a time on its timer. Haven't we heard of this before?

Kids, meet the GameDr Video Game Timer! Sound familiar? Yep, we told you about BOB just last year, which does the exact same thing and even markets itself in the same way - being the "bad guy" for parents too strung out on boxed wine and antidepressants tired to fight about a gaming curfew.

GameDr. is sold by Digital Innovations of Illinois; BOB is sold by Hopscotch Technology of Colorado. But while BOB got airtime on the Today Show last year, GameDr comes recommended to the public with comments such as this, from Digital Innovations' marketing director:

"There are mums who say they love this, and that they know 10 people who need one. And there are gamers who say it's terrible and that parents should just monitor their kids."

OK, so, we just rendered moot about 100 comments on this post. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, in profiling the device reinvented by a 78-year-old guy in Medina, Minn., points out this trick has been tried before, and that the Xbox 360 even has an on-board timer to do the exact same thing. NPD's David Riley comes in to splash some sanity on the proceedings.

If parents are that concerned about what children are doing on home video-game consoles, the chances are they don't have a console or have one with only games appropriate for their children's ages.

No one explains how these devices are different enough that someone hasn't gotten all sue-happy yet. However, I am hard at work duct-taping an egg timer to a circuit breaker to release my Edge Game Power Cutter Offer by Fall 2009. That should put a stop to all these "bad guys."

Parents Have Bad-Guy Ally to Turn Off Video Games [Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and image, via VE3D]


    I don't know if they is Trade Mark infringement, but I used to sell these.

    Unless it's the same company that has slapped their name on both devices, I can see a nice law suit coming on.

    Well.. I can tell you I want one for my electric blanket.
    But to tell you the truth, isn't this just another timer? Aren't there already tons of these things on sale already? I saw like 10 different versions last month in K-Mart (Sydney)

    theres about 20 different versions in bunnings, i picked up a twin pack (basic timer) for my fish light for 5 bucks!

    Doesn't xbox already do this itself?

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