You Will Be Sick Of Modern Warfare 2 By Christmas

Call of Duty 4 sold, well, millions. So its direct sequel - Modern Warfare 2 - shouldn't be too hard of a sell. Or, it wouldn't be if the game was published by anyone else. But since it's published by Activision, well... the headline says, you're going to get sick of the sound of it by Christmas time. The company have taken a leaf out of both Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV's marketing campaigns, claiming the release of MW2 will be the "biggest entertainment launch of all time."

Ooooffffffff aaalllllll ttttiiimmeeeeee.

So imagine how sick to death you were of hearing about those two games. Then imagine you could be even more fed up with hearing about them. That's what the next six months is going to feel like. Only for Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 to be "biggest entertainment launch ever" - Activision [GameSpot]


    I'm sick of it already, and i'm a massive Infinity Ward fan. Nothing ruins a game for me like hearing a company wank off about it for 6 months before actually releasing the bloody thing.

    Well mainstream advertising, it isn't annoying. I saw a few Halo 3 adverts on TV and they were of that museum so it wasnt gameplay flashed in your face every 2 minutes.

    Never saw GTA IV advertised on TV because well, its GTA!

    MW might be on TV though.

    Thinking, "of all time" i kinda chuckled then realized its on 3 platforms. Compared to 1 for Halo 3 (but thats Halo) and 2 at the time for GTA IV but thats GTA!

    So i doubt it will outsell or gross GTA IV but POSSIBLY Halo 3, although i don't wish so. I prefer Halo but definitely looking forward to it.

    I don't get how someone will get sick of it to the fact they won't play it by hearing and seeing it on the internet etc..
    It's not getting sick of the gameplay itself. So don't bother me.

    Suppose u gotta whinge about something.. if its not this, its not ever getting a sequel or waiting years like Final Fantasy. Now thats PATIENCE.

    The CoD brand is worth some $70mil to Activision, only behind Guitar Hero ($145mil). CoD4 makes up a LOT of that $70mil. Necessarily, MW2 will be huge, and Activision are really pressing home the 'biggest launch in entertainment history' (their words).

      I do believe World at War does also. No matter how much people trash it, they should realize its just as popular than MW.

      Over a million downloads for the two map packs in their first weekend. Over 10 million sales of the game.

      I think World at War could possibly earn Activision a little more revenue for the CoD series than what MW has in total.

    I was sick of it about 20 hours into that endless ice-climbing sequence at the Microsoft E3 conference...

      Kinda understand where you're coming from.

      It was pretty cool being like.. wow they're moving along an ice cliff and then they start ice-climbing. But then its like, sooo what? Whats the big fuss.

      I'm really looking forward to do, but it kinda looks the same, alot! It's not as if its an open-world and you can ice-climb like you can climb in Assassin's Creed or anything.

      Its very linear and a FPS. And there probably is that only path you can take to climb the ice and the jumping and fallen is done automatically.


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