Zelda Attends E3 In Spirit Tracks

Yes, yes, we were all hoping Miyamoto would surprise us with a follow-up to Twilight Princess — but in lieu of a new Legend of Zelda announcement, here are some Spirit Track screens.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is a Phantom Hourglass-flavoured adventure for the Nintendo DS and DSi. Players take Link by train through puzzles that involve manipulating speed, avoiding obstacles and firing a cannon or blowing a whistle to keep enemies or wild animals off the track.

There's also an action element where Link's new companion — a suit of armour called Phantom — comes into play. Players can direct him with the stylus to carry Link to various places, walk through lava or fire, or just block for Link as he runs past enemies. Expect a bunch of new weapons as well; the press release mentions the Whirlwind, something that requires players blow into the DS or DSi mic. Oh, and the map notation system is back, too.

Check it out in the gallery.


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