11-Year-Old Exposed To Contra For The First Time, Hates It

The old-school gamers at Nerdballoon sat down with a slightly uncommunicative 11-year-old and asked him to describe his first experience ever with a platform shooter - the beloved Contra. Predictably, he hated it.

The graphics "suck," the music is "boring" and - I'm not sure if this is a positive or a negative - "it's not as easy as Halo 3 or Call of Duty: World at War," rating it "9 out of 10" on the difficulty-o-meter.

He also doesn't like the fact everything's a one-shot kill. What would he rather play than Contra? Why, Call of Duty and Halo, of course. I'm getting the idea that's all he does play. Well that, and hockey.

Project D: Episode 1 [Nerdballoon]


    the internet is going to end up hating this kid

    Isn't Halo rated M? 11 year old should be play that game. What is his parents doing?

      I meant to type 11 should not be playing a M rated game.

    its ok kid, now you're free to get back to your Halo3 and do dohnuts in a warthog for 6hours. NO RESPECT! lol. to be fair though, contra is rediculously difficult.

    Who can blame the kid? I'm 36 and used to play Gryzor a fair bit, but I would rather be playing CoD and Halo too.

    It would have been laughable to do this same test in 87 with Gryzor and Space Invaders, for instance. It went without saying that modern games were better.

    Its expected that an 11 year old who probably started gaming at the 360 release would say a classic NES title is insanely hard. Though he has no idea how much of impact Contra had on the world. And when he plays battletoads next and he probably won't ever get past the bike level.

      I still can't get past the bike level on battletoads. Having said that, the first two levels are pure awesome, not to mention awesome pause music.

      When I have kids, their first console will be a NES (at a very young age to hone their motor skills), then SNES etc. They'll grow up with all the classics.

    Isnt Battletoads ment to be one of the hardest games ever made?

    I hate him already, 1 minute in. Hates the graphics? Does he realise it's oldschool!?!?!

    I'm 12 and I love to play Contra and other retro-ish games aswell as new ones, obviously this kid is less mature with his gaming and if he can't beat it, have voicechat for him to scream on or Halo-esque graphics then it sucks.

    Contra isn't hard. It just takes practise and a bit of skill.

    Super Contra though, that is hard!

    Kids don't realise what their missing.

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