A Glimpse At The Now Dead Aliens RPG

Last week Obsidian Entertainment confirmed what we've known for months: The Aliens RPG is officially dead. This morning pics from the now defunct game have surfaced.

The images, especially the one of a hulking Alien, sorta make me glad the project isn't moving forward.

RPG Codex Forums [Via Polygamia]


    "The images, especially the one of a hulking Alien, sorta make me glad the project isn’t moving forward."

    I'm guessing it was the only way to juice more out of the original concept, much like the toys I had in the early 90's.

    Plus it does kind of fit in with the evolutionary lore of the alien morphology (see dog/dragon alien) but that doesn't make it any less blasphemous.

      True, but unless a facehugger latched onto the Hulk, that thing is just ludicrous.

      On the plus side, it's not as much of a slap in the face as the entirety of AVP2.

    Looks liked the cycle continued of borrowing ideas. GW ripped off Aliens for the Tyranids, the this ripped off Tyranids for Aliens. The big guy looks like old One Eye.

    What is so bad about evolving the alien species further. We already have human/alien, dog/alien, and predator/alien matches. These two simply look like grizzly bear/alien and panther/alien.
    The first two alien movies were great, but that dosent make the entire extended fiction of the alien univers a bastion of high art.

    As a big fan of the pen and paper Aliens RPG many, many years ago, I was really looking forward to this. Such a shame.
    By the way, Aliens breeding with species at the top of their food-chains is hardly ripping off other properties. It's kind of what they do.

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