A Third Mortal Kombat Movie May Actually Be Happening

The third theatre-bound Mortal Kombat flick may actually be underway, with filming unofficially planned to begin as early as this September, according to one of the film's stars.

Chris Casamassa, karate instructor and part-time on-screen Scorpion, tells the SVG Tribune that he'll be reprising his role as the undead ninja in a third Mortal Kombat movie. That's not necessarily a new development, as threats of a successor to the awful Mortal Kombat: Annihilation have been made for years, with previously announced intentions to film another made last year.

The third MK flick, sometimes dubbed Mortal Kombat Devastation and sometimes simply Mortal Kombat, has a director in Chris Morrison.

Karate instructor to reprise 'Scorpion' role [SVG Tribune]


    Dont know whether I should be laughing or crying...maybe both?

    hasn't the world suffered enough?

    Heck, well all end up watching it anyway at some point lol.

    Last I heard they were trying to basically throw away the awful second movie and try to start a new...telling us "well just pretend that didn't happen".

    On the scale of video game movies the first MK movie wasn't all that bad, but the less said about the second the better.

    I also heard Ed Boon at the very least (and posssibly John Tobias, though I can't confirm that) was overseeing the script of this movie, so there might be an outside chance it won't suck.

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