About This Nascent Modern Warfare 2 "Boycott"

Someone ran a poll and, guess what, two out of three people hate paying higher prices. This is called a potential boycott of Modern Warfare 2, unless Activision lowers the $US60 price for PC versions.

Total Gaming Network, citing its own poll of the situation, says 68 percent of respondents "will not support the newer, higher price" of Modern Warfare 2. "Most say that Activision's excuse about the weakness of world currency is not to blame, and they refuse to pay the higher price."

Alright. But let's not get carried away with what this is. Not buying a game because of its price is not a boycott, it's "No, thanks." It's a market reaction. A boycott would not only mean not buying the game at its suggested MSRP, but never buying it at any price and, probably for good measure, not even playing it. In a literal sense, it would mean never doing business with Activision unless it reverses its decision. I exempt Infinity Ward because they're not the publisher, and not directly responsible for a pricing decision.

A boycott, if it has any meaning, is directed at the conduct or associations of a business. Typically it means "I will not do business with you at all because what you are doing is offensive to me." Whatever you think of the Left 4 Dead 2 boycott, and maybe it is directed at a single product, their outrage is because of Valve's behaviour - they feel that a sequel this soon is abusive to the installation base, especially the early adopters, and sells them out. Fine. But I have never heard of a boycott motivated solely by a specific product's price. That's like me going to a restaurant and telling the waiter I'm boycotting their lobster dish because it's $US21.95, but still ordering something else from them. MW2 Boycott on the Horizon? [Total Gaming Network, via N4G]


    I think you must have mis-read or mis-heard them. What they were trying to convey here is that a "boycott" means they're going to pirate the game instead. Pretty much what they would have done regardless of the price but now they can justify it to themselves.
    Not that there's anything wrong with that :)

    I could understand if it was another game, but its hard to picture a fan of the franchise not getting $60USD worth of gameplay out of it. Who buys Call of Duty on launch and doesn't make it to at least the first prestige?

    "Activision’s excuse about the weakness of world currency"

    Er... we're talking about the American price of an American game, aren't we? What does the rest of the world have to do with it? That's taking the exchange rate excuse to a hilarious new low...

      I thought the uproar was about the large mark-up on the game in the UK.

    I don't know why this editor is like against the people "boycotting" it. If PC Gamers are used to buying games that are cheaper than console games, i don't actually know why that is, then why can't they pay the normal price like other PC Games.

    What is so special about MW2 that gives Activision the right to say, well screw you guys, pay a little more for a game that already gets pirated, yet we wanna stop this piracy but still gonna charge more.

    I mean The Sims 3 which is will be a bigger game on PC than MW2, was priced at the normal PC rate, from what i've seen in Australia anyway.

    I'm with the PC Gamers on this one. I don't play the PC for games, but i understand that if this is more expensive than other games that are more popular on the PC, then gamers, pirate all you want. Activision are digging a large hole with this one & Guitar Hero ain't helping...

    If you want to talk about problems with currency, try being Australian. I have touted this one before, but Aussies get a RAW deal when it comes to video games and other content, and not simply because the weakness of our dollar. Take EA's offering for battlefield 2 complete collection:
    American Website - http://www.ea.com/games/battlefield-2-complete-collection
    Cost $29.99
    Australian Website - http://eastore.ea.com/store/eaapac/en_AU/DisplayProductDetailsPage/ThemeID.850400/productID.78869400
    Cost $79.99

    BIG Difference! For EXACTLY the same product (Its done through EADM which is region free)

    Converting the $29.99 to AUD makes $36
    Converting the $79.99 to USD makes $65
    Even if you include say $5 for processing, where does the remaining $40 go?!

    Buying from a third party in Euro - $11.99EU

    This version from G2Play is the same as offered by EA on both its American and Australian websites and has been confirmed to work anywhere in the world through EADM.

    What were seeing here is more of Activision and other companies being greedy. And these institutions wonder why piracy is so rampant in places like Australia.

      If it were a case of Activision and other companies "being greedy", you don't think they might want to charge more for their games in countries with a higher population? Clearly the issue is far more complex than mere "greed". See http://www.kotaku.com.au/2009/05/monday-musings-the-price-is-right/

        My comments were more directed at Digital Distribution systems. Especially EA re-directing to Australia from America with regard to a product that is IDENTICAL no matter where you get it from (see the point about ALWAYS using EADM). I understand well that often some retail releases are sometimes more expensive but this is a DIGITAL distribution (note the hyperlinks, the do go to EA's DIGITAL distribution website). Now, if they shipped a retail package with this sure, i would understand.

        This is a CLEAR cut case of region fixing. Its the SAME product(BF2:CE), from the SAME place(EADM servers) with NO regional differences(the US, EU and AU version all play the same no matter where you are).

        While there are merits to the argument that we aren't quite being ripped off for retail products due to things like localisation and importation there is NONE of that in this case.

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