Ads Coming To Xbox 360 Dashboard?

Oh dear. Sean Alexander, director at Microsoft's Advertising Business Group, has strongly suggested that you'll soon be seeing advertisements every time you fire up your 360 dashboard.

Apparently, Microsoft "plans to bring IAB specifications for rich media technologies, including Silverlight, to Xbox Live within the year". With Silverlight being Microsoft's version of/competitor to Flash, MediaPost say "Silverlight-powered media on Xbox will have the same appearance as ads seen on a Web browser".

Since the goal is for advertising companies to launch the same campaign across multiple platforms - desktop, TV, mobile phone and Surface (Microsoft's touch-screen table) - it sounds a lot like the tech would be used on the 360 to display ads on your dashboard.

This had better only be for Silver users. I'm not paying an annual fee to get stuck with ads.

We've contacted Microsoft for an explanation of how exactly this tech will be used with Xbox Live, and will update if we hear anything.

Kotaku AU Note: Can't wait for the dash to become even slower than it already is!

Microsoft Silverlight For Xbox Live Eases Creative Across Platforms [Media Post, via Gamasutra]


    If that's true, will it at least lower or remove the cost from the xbox live subscription?

    lol if it doesn't!

    Yet another reason to prefer the XMB. It's just so much more functional.

    Hah, did they visit Kotaku recently and pick up that idea!? No harm meant, but sometimes your management goes wild with the Ad placement.

    If they're subsidizing with ads, why would we need to continue paying? There'd better be something in it for the consumer.

    They charge for the ability to go online and now they want you to put up with advertising too? Meanwhile the PS3 XMB is just as functional and currently doesn't have any advertising. Yet another reason for me to avoid pluggin in my 360.

    It's saddening, really. Once you introduce ads its a slippery slippery slope. Soon you'll have crap like all those wait 10 agonising seconds before loading your own damn Friends list with no way to skip.

    Soon, the content shrinks and shrinks and shrinks until the portion of the page dedicated to content is dwarfed by the portion of the page dedicated to increasingly invasive, untargetted and ultimately useless advertising.

    And even more frustrating: Someone will invent a router box that doubles as an advertising filter, and people will be slightly dis-heartened by how EMPTY the filtered page looks.

    That, and the router box will be shoved into obscurity because, ironically, it filters the very thing it requires to actually be a success.

    A company doing things that will increase their profit margin and have little impact on the consumer base outside of jpeg images? THE SHOCK! THE INDIGNATION!

    Couple of things...
    It will never be for Silver Accounts. Unfortunately.

    Another thing, this is just gonna slow the loading times even more. Especially if you run outta downloads and stuck waiting a few mins for the dashboard to load when connected.

    This should, in common sense, lower the price of XBL subscriptions OR the cost of products in Marketplace. Maybe now the usual fee of 800MS Points for add-ons will be on average say, 500-600 instead.

    It looks UUUUGGGLLLY positioned where it is on that picture. I mean how much more money do they neeeeed to make. Don't they make enough with subscriptions and points. If they don't lower the price of buying points, xbl gold subscription & the amount items cost on marketplace - xbox 360 owners should definitely start some sort of petition or strike on XBL.

    Two Words:

    Adblock Plus

    Install that baby (if you're using firefox) and ads are literally gone forever! Freakin sweet!

    can haz adblocker for xbox360?

    Hopefully this is microsofts strategy to get in line with sony and nintendo to offer free online play. Otherwise keep your adds away from my gold subscription. As mentioned above, if you're paying for gold you shouldn't get adds stuffed down your throat.

    "Ooo look, we have a nice new interface that doesn't hurt your eyes anymore...oh wait..."

    Not only have we bought a product, we pay a stupid amount of money for a service that's only marginally better than psn. Introducing ads is ridiculous...what's next, booting up your ipod and having to sit through a stream of commercials before you can play your music?

    If it reduces the price of Gold Membership, I'm all for it.

    With TPG internet recently upgrading their plans:

    30GB (15+15) for $39.99
    55GB (30+25) for $49.99

    The extra bandwidth that the ad's would take up is already taken care of :)

    lol..paying for ads

    It's a bit of a grey area, as in-game advertising isn't allowed in Australia (eg. BF2142 billboards). I wonder if that will be enough for it to get blocked here.

    Pfft, what a beatup. NXE is already full of ads, they're just talking about using Silverlight for flashier presentation. Shoddy journalism Kotaku.

      you're a tool as well.

    The old pre-NXE dashboard had ads too. What's more surprising is that there weren't these sort of ads at NXE launch.

    can you imagine the superbowl without the ads? It would be very boring with all the waiting that goes on...

    if the ads are short enough, or amusing enough, I could very easily watch a commercial rather than watch the matchmaking load screen look for someone to play with...

      @ pip,
      NO I can't imagine watching the can you ask that in the AU comments? :|
      As for what you said..well your an idiot. Sorry but any1 is an idiot for saying that they WANT to watch commercials. Yes some are funny (Carlton Draught) but it's still advertising..


    Cool, I can't wait for Mickey D's to start paying for my gold subscription instead of me. I think they are poised to foster a lot of goodwill with thier userbase and potentially make a buck at the same time.

    Of course, instead they will just keep charging us and then make a buck from advertisers too, but it's nice to dream.

    if they think we're gonna pay to play and get ad's they're using some hard stuff!! i can tell ya now, if i see 1 ad come up on my gold acct, i'm selling! i hardly use the thing as it is. but pulling a stunt like this is just a joke!

      Yeah I'm with you. No ads for me. This is why I hate the internet as it is. Maybe I will go back to the Wii and play with myself...

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