Age Of Conan Expands At GamesCom

A work in progress for the better part of a year, Funcom is finally ready to take the next step with Age of Conan, teasing an expansion announcement to take place in Germany next month.

After months spent tweaking and polishing the game play and overall experience of their massively multiplayer take on the Conan universe, Funcom is just about ready to pack their updates into a much more expansive format. Speaking to Eurogamer, Funcom director of communications Erling Elllingsen reveals that a dedicated team has been working on the expansion since the game launched, and that the core changes will continue with its eventual release.

"We are bringing a lot of that into the expansion as well," said Ellingsen of the core changes, "making sure we build upon the strengths of the game and stay true to the original vision we have always had for Age of Conan. I think players will be pleased!"

At this point I don't think it's so much about pleasing existing players as it is drawing in new players. Hopefully the expansion will have some of that as well. We'll find out come the GamesCom show in Cologne Germany next month.

Age of Conan expansion reveal soon [Eurogamer]


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