Alan Wake Developer Will Comment On PC Version "Later"

People have been waiting for Alan Wake for a long, long time. Publisher Microsoft gave the game a vague "Spring 2010" release for the Xbox 360 version. That's nice, but what about the PC version?

According to Alan Wake developer Remedy, ""We're focusing all our efforts on the 360 version and will be making comments in regards to the PC at a later in time."

Be patient PC owners!

Re: Can we get a straight answer about the PC version? [Alan Wake Community Forums via Shacknews via GamePro]


    Makes sense. More people are likely to actually buy the 360 version than simply pirate the PC version

      Nice theory.. except for the fact that the 360 is so easy to pirate games on..

      If the issue was piracy then they'd be developing for the PS3..

      (Not a fan boy comment.. I love all my consoles equally.. especially my modded 360 lol)

        Piracy on consoles isn't as big of a deal as piracy on PC.

    It's good to see that MS cares about the PC platform...oh wait.

    This is a growing trend for PC games and I dont like it. Figure out something that will stop thjis cycle of later release dates, its so harsh and the games really should not be held back because of a few bad seeds. Bah

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