All Halo Wars Leaderboard Data Erased From Xbox Live

All Halo Wars leaderboard data - and by this, "all" means "everything" - disappeared from Xbox Live today, says Major Nelson, meaning braggin' rights have been reset to launch day status.

"Human error" is blamed. It covers singleplayer. It covers multiplayer. It covers Trueskill leaderboards. It covers all matchmaking data. Gone. Says the Major:

This was human error related to Xbox LIVE servers. It is not a broader service issue and will not impact other titles or Xbox LIVE experiences. The Xbox LIVE team is investigating the cause to prevent this from occurring in the future.

Larry goes on to apologise, on behalf of Xbox Live ...

"for the incident and any frustration Halo Wars players have experienced in having their statistics disappear from the Leaderboards. You can rest assured that we're putting processes in place to prevent this from happening in the future.

Halo Wars Leaderboards [Major Nelson, thanks Brian B.]


    Surely they backup this data? They do in other games don't they?
    Sucks for poor Halo Wars players!

      How about putting processes in place to fix the screwup?

        Well i'm sure there are ways... have they checked the recycle bin? ahahaha

    HAHAHA you know why i find this incredibly funny?! because it means that all those videos of little babies losing it on youtube were for nothing

    Globab Financial Crisis: 50,000 jobs lost

    Retard XBL Server Technicians: 1

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